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  • Instagram lends support for mental health issues
  • Instagram lends support for mental health issues
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Instagram lends support for mental health issues

With over 400 million users, Instagram is awash with over-edited beauty ideals and luxurious lifestyles that can leave some people questioning their self-worth. To combat this, the social platform has launched a new tool intended to support people with mental health issues.



  • Article image What’s the future of mental health?

    The global cost of mental healthcare is set to exceed $6 trillion by 2030, and as dementia, depression and anxiety afflict a greater number of people, it’s unlikely that existing treatment options will be able to meet demand. Can tech, drugs or video games provide a viable alternative?

  • Article image YourDost: therapy at the swipe of a smartphone

    Mental health is a growing concern in an increasingly productive India, but the associated social stigma and a shortage of treatment options mean that just one in ten individuals actually gets any support. Can YourDost close the country’s therapy gap through technology?

  • Article image Joyable: treating social anxiety through an app

    The Western world is in the grip of an anxiety epidemic, yet while rates of mental illness have surged, health services have struggled to keep up. Could effective care be delivered by an app? That’s the goal of Joyable, which offers CBT treatments to social anxiety sufferers through their smartphones.

  • City living can affect mental health City living can affect mental health

    The bright lights, the sleepless nights, the countless cultural delights. The lure of city living has spurred mass urban migration, but mounting research suggests that the metropolitan lifestyle comes with worse mental health. Can brands encourage better health among urbanites?