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  • eBay has launched an AI home shopping site
  • eBay has launched an AI home shopping site
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eBay has launched an AI home shopping site

Having long been the go-to site for bargain hunters, eBay is evolving to cater to those that want a little more bang for their buck with a new feature called eBay Collective. It’s a section of the site that uses artificial intelligence to help high-end shoppers find items for the home.



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    From Instagram to emojis, the power of visuals over words in offering immediacy and access is intensifying. Now, instead of opening up Google or asking Siri a question, Blippar lets you discover a wealth of info through your phone’s camera. But are people ready to give up text when they search?

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  • The North Face’s AI shopping assistant The North Face’s AI shopping assistant

    Shoppers today are faced with so much choice that it can cause decision paralysis. But what if you could call on an AI personal shopper for help? That’s exactly what outdoor brand The North Face is providing with XPS, an AI-powered shopping tool that makes it easier to find the right item.

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