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  • Westworld hints at the future of the theme park
  • Westworld hints at the future of the theme park
    HBO (2016) ©

Westworld hints at the future of the theme park

Gunslinging androids and deep, philosophical questions are central to HBO’s latest offering, Westworld. And they’re effective draws – the first episode was watched by 3.3 million. But while the show raises some poignant questions around robotics, it also hints at the future of the theme park.



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    Reality sucks! The science of escapism

    The allure of a virtual world – in which anyone could have magical powers and take risks without consequences – is evidenced by the fact that nearly 19 million people play video games in the UK alone. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Andrew Kuo to understand why we actively escape into virtual worlds.

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    How museums become experience emporiums

    What would a painting by a celebrated artist smell, sound or taste like? For too long, museums were strictly ‘look and don’t touch’, but curators are now putting visitors’ senses and emotions at the heart of their exhibitions – all while providing a slick backdrop for an Instagram update.

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    What’s the future of the theme park?

    After a bumpy ride through the recession, the theme park industry has picked up speed. With competition from the home as the centre of the personal entertainment world, theme parks are innovating their way into a multi-sensory shared experience that’s unique to the parks themselves.

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    How museums became theme parks for learning

    It’s easy to think that museums aren't relevant, but the success of the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A and the Matisse Cutouts show at the Tate Modern says otherwise. How is the museum evolving to meet the needs of people more interested in their smartphones than ancient artefacts?