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  • Gant is a brand for global citizens
  • Gant is a brand for global citizens
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Gant is a brand for global citizens

American clothing retailer Gant is throwing fun foreign words into its new catalogue’s ads. But more than helping English speakers expand their vocabulary, it's establishing itself as a global brand for a population that refuses to be pigeon-holed into a singular national identity.



  • Lorde Inc champions diversity in fashion Lorde Inc champions diversity in fashion

    Fashion has a diversity problem; beauty standards are constrictive, with casting agents making little room for looks that aren’t svelte and white. One London agency is seeking to change these prevailing attitudes, making the inclusion of diverse faces not tick-box, but second nature. 

  • People identify as 'global citizens' People identify as 'global citizens'

    More and more people are identifying as global citizens rather than citizens of the country they live in. Though the idea of global citizenship is something for people to interpret themselves, it's been suggested that recent increases in migration could be driving these changes in attitude.

  • Article image Third Culture Kids: growing up a global nomad

    Where are you from? It’s a seemingly safe question to ask most people, but for Third Culture Kids the answer is not that easy. The discrepancy between where they were born and where they feel they belong is vast. Raised in an assortment of cultures, how do their backgrounds affect who they are?

  • Article image Tobitate! Young Ambassador Programme: mobilising Japan’s ambivalent youth

    Japanese Gen Yers are often called the ‘enlightened generation’. Yet while they’re more self-aware and less materialistic than their parents, they’re also more risk-averse. Can the Tobitate! Young Ambassador Programme convince them to leave the comfort of home and study abroad?