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  • A sixth of teens eat fast food twice a day
  • A sixth of teens eat fast food twice a day
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A sixth of teens eat fast food twice a day

Junk food can be hard to resist, and most people will treat themselves to a McDonald's once in a while. But research suggests that young people are gobbling it down far too often. Educating teens about the industry could get them ditch pizza and fizzy drinks in favour of healthier options.



  • Article image Is fast food going gourmet in the UK?

    Nearly a quarter of people in the UK eat fast food every week, but the industry is changing rapidly as established chains modify their menus and interiors while upstarts pop up across the country. Although Britain’s appetite for quality fast food seems insatiable, is the sector becoming oversaturated?

  • Article image How do teens make decisions?

    The stereotypical picture of adolescence is one of binge drinking, unprotected sex and endless emotional drama. Yet while teens may be proven risk-takers, research suggests they are far more anxious than children or adults. With so much going on in their heads, how do teenagers make decisions?

  • Burger King wants to build a new image Burger King wants to build a new image

    People are eating out more often, but this doesn’t guarantee a boost to all businesses. As Brits become more seasoned diners, many are looking for higher quality outlets to visit, turning up the heat for competing fast food stores. Burger King is responding by introducing a stylish new store design.

  • Article image Chicken Town: fast food in disguise

    Just under a quarter of children in London are obese, and with over 8,000 fried chicken shops spread across the capital, junk food is a major contributing factor. Tottenham-based Chicken Town offers up a healthy alternative to the greasy meal, but will school kids be able to stomach it?