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  • Aussies are outraged over the end of Sunnyboys
  • Aussies are outraged over the end of Sunnyboys
    Markus Spiske (2015) ©

Aussies are outraged over the end of Sunnyboys

Many Aussies will remember sitting on a beach as a child, eagerly eating a Sunnyboy ice lolly. The icy, pyramid-shaped treats are synonymous with growing up Down Under. But following the announcement that they will be discontinued, people have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage.



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    In the US, the fast food industry is under an unprecedented amount of pressure from fast casual chains and increasingly health-conscious consumption. How has Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos – a Frankenfood snack of fried cheese sticks dusted in Cheetos flavouring – gained success in this tough market?

  • The Twinkie makes a nostalgic comeback The Twinkie makes a nostalgic comeback

    Three years after Hostess – the manufacturer of sugar-filled goodies such as CupCakes, Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos and Twinkies – went into liquidation for the final time, the company is back, and stronger than ever. As people view sugar with increasing disdain, how has Hostess gotten back on the horse?

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    From trendy cafés that serve cereal until 10pm to high-end restaurants that boast late night menus featuring egg and waffle, breakfast food is no longer limited to the early hours of the day. Almost half of Londoners profess a love for ‘brinner’, but what's the appeal of a truly all-day breakfast?

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    When Coca-Cola brought back '90s favourite Surge, it sold out online within hours. And it's not the only 'revival brand' that's been brought back due to nostalgic consumer demand. But what makes a brand re-issue a discontinued product? And what's driving Gen Y's nostalgia trip?