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  • Netflix challenges the sexism of traditional TV
  • Netflix challenges the sexism of traditional TV
    Netflix (2015) ©

Netflix challenges the sexism of traditional TV

At the 2016 Emmys, the audience was treated to a showreel of the male nominees’ performances – but female nominees weren’t afforded the same privilege. Netflix’s mid-award spot, named ‘She Rules’, further demonstrated the platform’s ability to challenge traditional television.



  • Article image Gal-Dem: a digital zine for young women of colour

    In the digital age, being part of a minority group no longer has to mean feeling alone; a range of online platforms are letting people connect through their ethnic and cultural identities. Gal-Dem takes key talking points for young women of colour and provides a space in which they can be discussed.

  • Article image Are technology brands sexist?

    Technology for women has transcended the early years of 'shrinking and pinking' – and just as well, given that women are, in many ways, more prevalent tech consumers than men. But with just 41% actively agreeing that technology caters to their needs, how is tech evolving to appeal to both genders?

  • Article image WhoHaha: a digital stage for funny females

    Women in comedy have long been overshadowed by their male counterparts on TV, in films and, more recently, in the world of online humour. Can WhoHaha, an online portal founded by actor and director Elizabeth Banks, get girls giggling with material made by their fellow females?

  • Article image How good businesses can change the world

    In his 2015 book Gamechangers, innovation expert Peter Fisk provides 100 case studies of businesses that have won the game, changed the game or even invented their own games via new strategies and innovations – from global giants to small start-ups. So what makes a game changer?