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  • People are eBaying while they watch Bake Off
  • People are eBaying while they watch Bake Off
    Garry Knight (2015) ©

People are eBaying while they watch Bake Off

Does watching the Great British Bake Off make you hungry? A report from eBay shows that programmes like this are influencing purchasing habits among people who regularly partake in 'dual-screening', citing Bake Off as boosting mobile sales of cookie cutters and tins while watching.



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    They may not be digital natives, but Gen X shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to online spending power. While Yers are busy posting selfies on Instagram, their older counterparts are clicking ‘add to basket’ – but why does this ‘middle child’ generation love online shopping so much?

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    In May 2015, more than half a million Brits tuned into BBC Four looking to escape their hectic everyday lives with an hour of birdsong or a canal journey. The BBC Four Goes Slow series showcased ‘slow TV’, featuring uninterrupted shows filmed in real-time. But why are people tuning in to slow down?

  • GBBO fans head to Waitrose GBBO fans head to Waitrose

    The return of The Great British Bake Off has affected more than just fans' waistlines. Following ‘biscuit week’ – week two of the BBC programme – sales of almonds rose by 100%, dried cranberries by 47% and star anise by 43% as people were inspired to get creative in the kitchen.

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    From overblown tantrums to joyful tears to Gordon Ramsey covered in cream, the experiences of the MasterChef Junior participants have drawn 5.4 million viewers – and reflect what Gen Z wants from their food. But what is it about kids in the kitchen that makes a recipe for success?