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  • Gen Y families are turning to travel agents
  • Gen Y families are turning to travel agents
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Gen Y families are turning to travel agents

High street travel agencies have had a tough time as people opt for comparison sites and direct booking options. But one demographic is breathing new life into the industry, as Gen Y families recognise the benefits of booking their holiday through a travel agent.



  • Article image #FollowMeTo: holiday inspo from an Insta-famous couple

    In 2011, Murad Osmann posted an Instagram shot of his girlfriend leading his hand through a door in Barcelona. That photo led to a project that has brought them millions of followers, a book deal, and a TV show. But how exactly did a few holiday pics launch such an influential travel brand?

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    “Sharing is caring,” states a TV spot from holiday home rental company HomeAway. “Or at least that’s what they told us.” Actually, the spot highlights the uglier side of sharing holiday amenities like pools or bathrooms. But can HomeAway dethrone Airbnb by undermining the sharing economy?

  • Article image How do we shop for a holiday?

    As travellers, we’re now more savvy and time-precious than ever before. We love short city breaks more than two weeks in the sun and prefer living like a local to holing up in hotels. Our holiday habits have changed dramatically, but how has our approach to booking a vacation shifted?

  • Article image How hotels are being redesigned for Gen Y

    While luxury brands move away from the ‘stuffy’ traditions, a new breed of hotels that spans the entire price spectrum is competing to meet the needs of the digitally dependent Millennials. But how is such a long-standing industry redefining itself to meet the needs of Gen Y?