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  • Brits are public transport snobs
  • Brits are public transport snobs
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Brits are public transport snobs

Getting the bus isn't so bad, is it? Actually, Brits beg to differ. According to a new study, they're a nation of public transport snobs – 87% wouldn’t switch to the bus, even if it was made free of charge. Because environmental benefits aside, public transport is neither convenient or cost-effective enough.



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    In 2015, over 1,600 sexual offences were reported on London's public transport. In response, some have proposed female-only options, but with a third of women against the notion, is this really the solution? Canvas8 sat down with ten British women to find out how they feel about it.

  • London adds walking times to tube maps London adds walking times to tube maps

    The London Underground carries over a billion passengers each year, but with a large number of stations much closer to each other than the map suggests, for many people these journeys could be avoided. In an attempt to remedy this, TFL has added walking times to its iconic tube map.

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    In 2014, UK rail passengers made 1.6 billion journeys – double that of 1995. But whether it’s overpriced tickets or overcrowded carriages, people love nothing more than moaning about public transport. So what do the increasing number of train travellers really want from their journey?