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  • Cocowhite promises a naturally white smile
  • Cocowhite promises a naturally white smile
    Leo Hidalgo, 2016 ©

Cocowhite promises a naturally white smile

Coconut oil is said to have antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral properties. And as it becomes increasingly coveted, brands are harnessing its powers. Cocowhite is a teeth whitening brand claiming its coconut-based product can give you a naturally bright smile.



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    The US oral care market is dominated by the big four of P&G, Colgate, J&J and GSK. With its design-led packaging, fruity flavours and ‘natural’ ingredients, Hello is looking to take a bite out of their 72% market share. But is good-looking toothpaste enough to stop people buying Colgate?

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    Getting a manicure is a regular treat for many Australians, but are chemical-filled acrylics no longer cool? Since 2012, the number of organic beauty salons has increased 20%. Missy Lui is Australia’s first vegan certified nail salon. But when it comes to getting a mani and pedi, do people really care about the nasties hidden in their polish?

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    Fight plaque! Abolish stains! Stop bad breath! Oral care isn't enjoyable - it's something we wrestle with twice a day. But with one in ten adults forgetting to brush and only 5% bothering to floss, can ‘beauty device’ ISSA make it a pampering experience rather than a chore?

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