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  • More Americans are trying marijuana
  • More Americans are trying marijuana
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More Americans are trying marijuana

In light of the legalisation movement across the US, a new report has revealed that more Americans than ever are trying marijuana. And this use isn’t leading to dependence on the drug. With more innovative ways emerging to try weed, it’s a great time to experience the high life.



  • Article image The Herbal Chef: taking fine dining to new highs

    With recreational marijuana legal in four US states, foodie stoners no longer have to settle for home-made hash cakes. Now, they can enjoy ‘high cuisine’ from The Herbal Chef, who uses cannabis to give diners the gourmet munchies. Could this stoned supper club be the ultimate in immersive dining?

  • US smokers are cutting down US smokers are cutting down

    As journalist Giles Coren notes, smoking is so last century. Not only is the number of smokers continuously declining, but the amount they are smoking is dropping too. In the '90s, more than half of American smokers had a pack-a-day habit, but that number has now fallen to an all-time low of 26%.

  • Article image Why drug dealers are going digital

    If you wanted to get your hands on an ounce of weed or a gram of coke, chances are you’d call a dealer, meet them in their car and do the deal in cash. But the days of waiting around in the cold for your next high are gone; whether legal or not, more and more people are ordering drugs online.

  • High there! is a dating app for weed smokers High there! is a dating app for weed smokers

    Lonely stoners can now get dates with app High There! The Tinder-esque app ensures that the next person you’re matched with won’t be disapproving of your pot-smoking habits. It's designed for smokers to find like-minded potheads for a hook-up, smoke-up or maybe even love.