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  • Lorde Inc champions diversity in fashion
  • Lorde Inc champions diversity in fashion
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Lorde Inc champions diversity in fashion

Fashion has a diversity problem; beauty standards are constrictive, with casting agents making little room for looks that aren’t svelte and white. One London agency is seeking to change these prevailing attitudes, making the inclusion of diverse faces not tick-box, but second nature. 



  • Article image Does men’s fashion have a diversity problem?

    From France’s law against ‘unhealthy-looking’ catwalk models to activist hashtags such as #droptheplus, 2015 saw radical changes in how women’s clothing was sold. So far, so good – for women at least. But what about men? How do blokes who don’t look like David Beckham want to shop?

  • Diversity drives popularity of beauty blogs in Dubai Diversity drives popularity of beauty blogs in Dubai

    The teenage years used to be all about dodgy eyeliner and frizzy fringes, but beauty bloggers are changing that. Dubai-based Huda Kattan owns one of the world’s most visited beauty blogs and with over ten million Instagram followers, she's built her very own digital empire.

  • Article image What beauty brands can do to diversify

    Black women have long been underrepresented by cosmetics brands in terms of product ranges and advertising campaigns. But as the global population becomes more diverse – and as companies recognise the diversity that’s always existed – could the beauty market be set for an overhaul?

  • Article image Miss Jessie’s: natural hair care for the multicultural masses

    In 2009, Good Hair laid bare the $684 million black hair care market, detailing the lengths black women go to achieve beautiful barnets. But with natural looks on the rise – 70% of black women currently wear or have worn their hair natural – are the days of chemical relaxers and $1,000 weaves over?