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  • Art collectors are buying online
  • Art collectors are buying online
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Art collectors are buying online

Art buying no longer just happens by raising a paddle or starting up a long chat with a gallery dealer. These days, collectors are sussing out their favourite pieces online and, thanks to new middlemen, can seal the deal without ever setting foot in the gallery district.



  • The art at Frieze is about more than just aesthetics

    The art at Frieze is about more than just aesthetics

    Art may seem to some people as something to be hung on the wall and admired, but it serves far more than just a visual purpose in contemporary culture. With over 200 galleries across 31 countries, the 2016 Frieze Art Fair demonstrated exactly how artwork can effectively make a statement.

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    How museums become experience emporiums

    What would a painting by a celebrated artist smell, sound or taste like? For too long, museums were strictly ‘look and don’t touch’, but curators are now putting visitors’ senses and emotions at the heart of their exhibitions – all while providing a slick backdrop for an Instagram update.

  • Instagram ignites the art world

    Instagram ignites the art world

    Instagram has proved immensely popular for people looking to share their most photogenic moments, but it’s also been big for industries that revolve around aesthetic appeal like fashion, retail and the art industry. Now more than ever, the platform is fuelling sales of artists’ work.

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    Romero Britto: art for the Brazilian masses

    In 2014, seven of the 20 most visited exhibitions across the world took place in Brazil, with one artist towering over the rest. Despised by scholars and critics, how does Romero Britto sell art worth over $50 million a year? And why do Brazilians love his colourful imagery so much?