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  • Disney has introduced a Latina princess
  • Disney has introduced a Latina princess
    Walt Disney World Resort (2016) ©

Disney has introduced a Latina princess

Disney has been making moves to diversify its characters in recent years, and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort has just welcomed its first Latina princess, Princess Elena, bringing much needed representation to the burgeoning US Hispanic market.



  • Article image The Flama: BuzzFeed for Latino Gen Yers

    A new generation of Latino Gen Yers want lifestyle content that reflects who they are and how they live. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is now looking to provide them with exactly that, launching The Flama to empower the Hispanic community and challenge cultural stereotypes.

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    Hispanic women represent the fastest growing beauty market, and while previous generations relied on their mothers for make-up advice, girls are now exposed to a wealth of brands and tips online. With over 2.5 million subscribers, how’s Latina vlogger Nicole Guerriero influencing these beauty buyers?

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    Whether your heart melts when you watch Aladdin and Jasmine duet ‘A Whole New World’ or you’ve got more of a penchant for Princess Elsa’s rendition of ‘Let It Go’, Disney songs hold a place in the hearts of the masses. Now, they’re being rehashed by today’s biggest pop icons.

  • Article image Are Latinas the most powerful US consumers?

    In 2013, US Hispanic females had a combined spending power of $1.2 trillion. As their roles at home, in society and in business change, this group’s influence is only set to increase. How can brands use language, cultural heritage and sentiment to succeed with these Latinas?