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  • Hillary2016 campaigns on your phone
  • Hillary2016 campaigns on your phone
    Hillary Clinton (2016) ©

Hillary2016 campaigns on your phone

Grassroots campaigning usually takes place on the ground, with volunteers registering and organising activities at a home location. A new app released by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team does away with all that, letting voters direct how they show their support right from their phone.



  • Article image Teen America: Country Boys and Girls

    Hard-working, outdoorsy, and down to earth, America has a whole new generation of Country Boys and Girls. In the eighth of a series exploring Gen Y and Z tribes in the US, Andrea Graham Richeson looks at how these young and ‘countrified’ individuals are expressing their traditional values.

  • Voter brings Tinder-style swiping to politics Voter brings Tinder-style swiping to politics

    People are increasingly apathetic when it comes to politics, and it’s particularly prevalent among the young; the 2010 US midterm elections saw just 21% of 18- to 24-year-olds cast their ballots. Can Voter increase participation by bringing Tinder-style swiping to the political process?

  • Article image The Daily Show: America‚Äôs Gen Y lose their anchor of hope

    For the past 16 years, Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show, poking fun at America’s politics and national media. In the process, he became a darling of America’s Gen Y. But how did Stewart’s satire come to resonate so clearly with this generation? And where will they head next for their news?

  • Is politics the new 'cool' in India? Is politics the new 'cool' in India?

    In an attempt to quantify political debate in one of the world's largest democracies, Twitter India has collaborated with TCS for the iElect app. A combination of big data, social media and mobility is helping to make sense of a discussion which involves more than 800 million voters.