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  • A floating farm is bringing agriculture to the city
  • A floating farm is bringing agriculture to the city
    Ut Je Eigen Stad (2016) ©

A floating farm is bringing agriculture to the city

Over half the world’s population now live in cities. As urban centres continue to grow, our relationship with what’s rural is changing. A Rotterdam company is bringing farming to the city harbour, inviting urbanites to reconnect with what they’re used to finding in the grocery aisle.



  • Article image Markthal Rotterdam: more than just a marketplace

    It may be known as ‘the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam’, but Markthal Rotterdam is not a religious monument – it’s a market. Part market hall, part housing development, part cultural hub, it boasts food stores and restaurants alongside over 200 apartments. Is this what markets will look like in the future?

  • Article image Roppongi Hills: a cultural oasis in the heart of Tokyo

    Tokyo is often perceived as a disjointed concrete jungle. Roppongi Hills challenges this assumption by putting all life’s essentials – from museums to office space – under one roof, wrapped up in almost three hectares of foliage. Is this what the cities of the future will look like?

  • Article image Farmili: backyard farms for agricultural urbanites

    Over 40% of French people grow their own veg, cultivate their own herbs and eat eggs laid by their own hens. But as small agriculture is slowly suffocated by people choosing to live in large towns and cities, can Farmili – an internet-based provider of urban mini-farms – put production back into the hands of the people?

  • Article image Tianjin Eco-City: a greener life for Chinese urbanites

    The Chinese urban population is set to increase by 13 million every year between now and 2030. But with 95% of China’s cities falling short of environmental standards, the government is urgently seeking greener models for urban living. Will eco-cities be China’s cities of the future?