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  • Northern Brits are getting their own paper
  • Northern Brits are getting their own paper
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Northern Brits are getting their own paper

The north-south divide in England is, unfortunately, alive and well. And there's now a newspaper catering to readers on the northern side of the line. But do they want a regional perspective on the news? And can any newspaper succeed when so many other print publications are failing?



  • Article image How do you feel about social class?

    With 17% of Brits unsure of what defines their social class, it’s a concept that – while steeped in tradition – feels increasingly outdated. What does being working, middle or upper class mean in modern Britain? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women to find out what class means to them.

  • The New Day fails to draw readers back to print The New Day fails to draw readers back to print

    The New Day, Britain’s first standalone newspaper to open in 30 years, will be closing in May 2016. Serving content optimised for speed-reading, it was supposed to be a ray of sunshine amid general gloom in the industry. But just ten weeks after launching, it became clear there was no audience.

  • Article image A sector snapshot of media and entertainment

    Have nannies been replaced by Netflix? Why don’t people want to read the papers? How is a hatred for ads affecting our screen time? And what’s driving fans to become patrons?

  • Article image The New Day: updating the tabloid for the digital age

    Media pundits have been calling print a dead format for years. So why has Trinity Mirror decided to launch a newspaper without a website? The New Day combines the best of online and offline worlds, catering to readers who are tired of biased, negative news. But will going against the grain pay off?