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  • Fold-up Playgrounds for active Urbanites
  • Fold-up Playgrounds for active Urbanites
    Kyung Roh and B.U.S. Architecture (2016) ©

Fold-up Playgrounds for active Urbanites

In the UK, Persil's 'Free The Kids' campaign emphasised the fact that kids no longer play outside, spending less time outdoors than a prison inmate. And it's a similar story in South Korea, where playing on screens is preferred to playing in parks. Could fold-up playgrounds boost urban recreation?



  • Article image Free the Kids: shock tactics that spur social change

    The latest ad in Persil’s Dirt is Good campaign offers a shocking revelation – children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. And it’s an issue that concerns 97% of parents. But while the press have been eating it up, will this glossy, documentary-style spot actually engage families?

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    Playing footy, making dens and running around; deregulated sports were once at the heart of children’s day-to-day activities. But Generation Z has grown up in a digital playground. Can technology be used to put an element of spontaneity back into playtime?

  • Experimental 'junk playground' for kids Experimental 'junk playground' for kids

    Are kids getting bored of traditional swings and slides? The creator of an experimental 'junk playground' thinks kids need more freedom to express themselves. The playground allows children to play with junkyard items, throwing in a little danger to make it more exciting. 

  • Article image Waldkindergarten: learning from the great outdoors

    Germany's Waldkindergarten send kids to learn and fend for themselves in the great outdoors. But what’s making a generation of helicopter parents decide to let go of the reins?