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  • Air Canada taps into Americans’ anxieties
  • Air Canada taps into Americans’ anxieties
    Thomas Hawk (2010) ©

Air Canada taps into Americans’ anxieties

The prospect of a Trump presidency has caused some in the US to consider heading abroad; on the day he won primaries in seven states, Google searches for ‘move to Canada’ hit their highest levels since Bush won the 2004 election. Now, Air Canada is offering its potential new residents a test drive.



  • Wetherspoon beer mats call for Brexit

    Wetherspoon beer mats call for Brexit

    JD Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin has waded into the Brexit debate via 200,000 beer mats criticising the IMF. He’s a long-term Leave supporter, but could taking such a public political stance damage the iconic pub brand – or could polarising opinion be a good thing?

  • Budweiser rebrands its beer 'America'

    Budweiser rebrands its beer 'America'

    In honour of the 2016 presidential elections and just in time for the boom in summer beer sales, Budweiser has undergone a patriotic makeover. Now going by the name of ‘America’, the iconic beer brand is putting national pride directly into drinkers’ hands.

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    A cultural snapshot of the United States

    How are citizen journalists challenging traditional media? Why are grandparents becoming a more important part of the family? And why are students under more pressure than ever? This Cultural Snapshot uses local statistics and case studies to explore the behavioural norms shared by Americans in 2016.

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    The Daily Show: America’s Gen Y lose their anchor of hope

    For the past 16 years, Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show, poking fun at America’s politics and national media. In the process, he became a darling of America’s Gen Y. But how did Stewart’s satire come to resonate so clearly with this generation? And where will they head next for their news?