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  • Gen Yers are championing equality
  • Gen Yers are championing equality
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Gen Yers are championing equality

In the US, Gen Y is the most diverse generation in history; 43% identify as non-white and 7% identify as LGBT (four points higher than average). Having grown up in a culture that celebrates diversity in race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, equal rights seem like a no-brainer.



  • Article image Quidditch: tackling diversity on the back of a broomstick

    From doping to corruption to homophobia, competitive sport has never faced so many controversies. Consequently, some people are seeking new games without the scandalous baggage. Can Quidditch, with its mixed gender teams and a family-friendly rulebook, become a new fan favourite?

  • Article image The Flama: BuzzFeed for Latino Gen Yers

    A new generation of Latino Gen Yers want lifestyle content that reflects who they are and how they live. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is now looking to provide them with exactly that, launching The Flama to empower the Hispanic community and challenge cultural stereotypes.

  • Article image Why we want our values to be visible

    From Just Giving Facebook updates to wearing H&M’s Conscious Collection, public displays of philanthropy have become a symbol of status. But does it really matter that these new do-gooders are motivated only by people seeing them do good if the outcome is still positive?

  • Article image The Sochi rainbow protest: a colourful political statement

    During the Sochi Olympics, big-name brands from Google to Channel 4 displayed their logos in rainbow colours to support LGBT rights. But why are brands being more open about their ethical and political stance, and do their customers really care?