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  • VW invests in electric car batteries
  • VW invests in electric car batteries
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VW invests in electric car batteries

VW is trying to clean up its act and emissions in one fell swoop by investing up to £7.6 billion in a battery factory and repositioning the brand as a leading manufacturer of electric cars. But can the scandal-hit company pull it off? Are there really a million EV customers out there ready to be sold to?



  • Article image A sector snapshot of getting around

    Will women-only transport options make females feel safe when they travel? How is technology taking the pain out of parking? Why do people want more than convenience from their commutes? And why are we starting to love electric cars?

  • Article image Why aren’t people buying electric cars?

    Though many auto manufacturers and analysts claim that electric vehicles are the future of the car industry, they account for just 0.1% of global sales at present, with low fuel prices causing a slowdown. Is the EV dream fading, or is this just a blip in an inevitable electric revolution?

  • Germans offered incentives to buy electric cars Germans offered incentives to buy electric cars

    Electric vehicles are better for the environment, they save you money, and require very little maintenance  so why aren’t more people buying them? Germans could soon be offered state incentives to purchase electric cars in a bid to move the nation further along an eco-friendly path.

  • Article image Formula E: making electric cars cool

    There are over one billion cars on the world’s roads today, but just 400,000 of them are electric. With issues surrounding recharging, driving range and aesthetics, they are simply not cool. All-electric racing series Formula E hopes to change perceptions. But will it work?