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  • The Big Issue goes cashless
  • The Big Issue goes cashless
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The Big Issue goes cashless

Brits have been falling out of love with cash for a while; a third of people carry less than a fiver around, favouring contactless payment methods instead. As a result, it’s led to a decline in sales of The Big Issue, which is sold by homeless people across the country.



  • Article image Cash or credit? The science of spending

    We know that seamless payments can affect how we splash out, but could they also impact how we feel about the things we’re buying? Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Avni Shah, co-author of ‘Paper or Plastic?’, to understand how the method by which we pay influences product satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Waitrose branch goes cashless Waitrose branch goes cashless

    Cashless payments have already overtaken the use of notes and coins, and it’s predicted that by 2024 just a third of consumer payments will use cash. With Waitrose opening the first cashless supermarket in the UK, could this spark the rest of the retail sphere to ditch hard currency too?

  • Article image What’s the future of the cash point?

    How much cash is in your pocket? With the onward march of technology, physical money now seems somewhat redundant. Paying for things with a smartphone or contactless card is simply more convenient nowadays. So with digital transactions becoming the norm, is the ATM doomed?

  • Britain falls out of love with cash Britain falls out of love with cash

    Are we moving towards a future where printed money exists only as a curiosity? As debit, credit and electronic transactions continue to rise, cashless payments have overtaken the use of physical money for the first time. In the UK, cash is no longer the norm, and may soon be the exception.