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  • Tasty videos cook up a social media storm
  • Tasty videos cook up a social media storm
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Tasty videos cook up a social media storm

Buzzfeed's Tasty is the reason you can’t look at your Facebook feed without getting hungry. By offering 'snack-sized video and recipes' to inspire Gens Y and X in the kitchen, it's amassed a Facebook following of 56 million people and plans to extend its social media reach to Instagram and Snapchat.



  • Audio is irrelevant on Facebook videos Audio is irrelevant on Facebook videos

    Facebook videos are viewed over eight billion times a day, with this content becoming increasingly important on the platform. But publishers like Little Things and PopSugar have reported that the majority of their plays are without sound, meaning content must be tailored accordingly.

  • Article image Snapchat: sending a perfectly timed message

    If you knew that this was the only chance you’d ever get to read this sentence, would you pay closer attention? Snapchat’s ephemeral messages are a more human way of relating digitally, but they offer more than just a carefree share. Their fleeting nature asks us to stop and pay attention.

  • Article image Food porn! The science of visual hunger

    From Bake Off’s beautiful buns to Instagram foodies posting pictures of their plates – digitally enhanced images of divine-looking dishes are everywhere. Professor Charles Spence, who studies visual hunger, explains to Canvas8 how these images affect our appetites.

  • Facebook pushes video features Facebook pushes video features

    While YouTube is the undisputed leader in online video, Facebook gets 1 billion video views every day. In an attempt to highlight this, in August 2014 Facebook integrated a play counter into its video player - trying to snare the attention of potential video advertisers.