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  • Snapchat is now selling movie tickets
  • Snapchat is now selling movie tickets
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Snapchat is now selling movie tickets

Three in ten US Gen Yers use Snapchat regularly, and they can now buy tickets to the latest X-Men movie through the platform – taking a Magneto-style selfie while they’re at it. By replacing websites and box office queues with a few taps on a screen, can Snapchat keep valuable users within its app?



  • Article image Why would you want to chat to a bot?

    The number of people using messaging apps is set to hit two billion by 2018, so it’s no wonder brands want to get in on the action. Major tech players are touting chatbots as the next big thing, but can they really revolutionise online interactions, or are they just part of an industry-driven pipe dream?

  • Burberry joins Snapchat Discover Burberry joins Snapchat Discover

    Having already proven itself a pioneer in high-end digital marketing, Burberry has become the first luxury brand to run its own Discover channel on Snapchat. The move is the latest step in the label's ongoing strategy to engage customers digitally without losing its edge of exclusivity.

  • Rio 2016 will be streamed on Snapchat Rio 2016 will be streamed on Snapchat

    With the Olympics occurring just once every four years, keeping up to date with the media habits of its audience is a lot harder to achieve. As Rio 2016 approaches, the distribution rights of broadcast have been given to Snapchat with the intention of engaging with younger viewers.

  • Article image usheru: lower prices for empty cinema screens

    Over the past ten years nothing much has changed about a trip to the cinema, other than the price. But with 62% of moviegoers saying prices are too high, it’s no surprise that attendance is falling. Could an app introducing dynamic pricing lure film lovers back to the big screens?