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  • There are more vegans than ever in the UK
  • There are more vegans than ever in the UK
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There are more vegans than ever in the UK

The number of vegans in the UK has risen by more than 360% in the past decade. The movement is being driven by young people – 42% of them are aged between 15 and 34  with environmental concerns and wellbeing core motivations for many. Has veganism finally gone mainstream?



  • Article image Can a sustainable diet save the planet?

    The global shift to a Western diet rich in meat and dairy is putting unprecedented pressure on the planet to feed a growing population. Could a more sustainable diet resolve health and hunger crises around the world? And would people really be willing to switch to a greener menu?

  • Article image Smith & Deli: serving up veganism without sacrifice

    Just off Melbourne’s über-cool Brunswick Street, hipsters are queuing outside cult café Smith & Deli. But while the menu might be based on New York-style cuisine – pastrami sandwiches and home-cooked lasagne – here, things are a little different. Everything sold at Smith & Deli is 100% vegan.

  • Article image Veganz: Germany‚Äôs hedonistic vegans eat up meat-free junk food

    The term ‘vegans’ tends to conjure up images of salad-grazing, stick-thin hippies. But a different vegan message of indulgence and junk food has taken over Berlin. Supermarket chain Veganz stocks vegan candy and meatless bacon strips. But isn’t vegan junk food the ultimate diet contradiction?

  • Article image Are we all ready to start veggin' out?

    Only 3% of the UK population identify as vegetarian. But thanks to a switch in tactics, the movement is gaining pace – and a weekly slot in people's stomachs. Can meat-free Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity chefs, and veg delivery services cure people's appetite for meat?