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  • Not everyone knows about the sharing economy
  • Not everyone knows about the sharing economy
    Thomas Hawke (2015) ©

Not everyone knows about the sharing economy

The sharing economy is here, right? But for who? While start-ups and unicorns are splashed across the media, the reality is that many of these platforms are attracting more attention than users. It’s still early days, and the sharing economy has many more people to reach.



  • Article image SafeHer: making ride-sharing safer for women

    Getting home at night as a woman can be a headache-inducing exercise in risk assessment. Public transport is gropey, ride-sharing can feel dicey, and proper taxis can empty your bank account. Can SafeHer’s promise a female-friendly alternative to Uber give women peace of mind?

  • Article image How coworking is disrupting office culture

    Dissatisfied with rigid corporate structure, a growing number of people are opting to be self-employed; freelancers are set to make up 40% of the US workforce by 2020. Many independent workers are being drawn to coworking spaces in cities, but what’s the appeal of these communal offices?

  • OLIO is a food sharing app OLIO is a food sharing app

    What’s in your kitchen cupboards? How much food do you end up throwing out? OLIO is giving people the option to free up some shelf space and contribute to the community in the process. With a third of all food that’s produced going in the bin, it's stepping in to cut waste.

  • Article image BlaBlaCar: hitchhiking in the digital age

    France may not be keen on Uber, but the country has fallen in love with another ride-sharing platform, BlaBlaCar, which allows people to take up free car seats on other people’s journeys. Boasting 20 million members across 19 countries, what’s behind the start-up’s success?