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  • Budweiser rebrands its beer 'America'
  • Budweiser rebrands its beer 'America'
    Robert Bejil (2011) ©

Budweiser rebrands its beer 'America'

In honour of the 2016 presidential elections and just in time for the boom in summer beer sales, Budweiser has undergone a patriotic makeover. Now going by the name of ‘America’, the iconic beer brand is putting national pride directly into drinkers’ hands.



  • Article image A cultural snapshot of the United States

    How are citizen journalists challenging traditional media? Why are grandparents becoming a more important part of the family? And why are students under more pressure than ever? This Cultural Snapshot uses local statistics and case studies to explore the behavioural norms shared by Americans in 2016.

  • Bud Light announces a gender-friendly beer ad Bud Light announces a gender-friendly beer ad

    Beer ads have hardly been bastions of gender equality over the years, with Bud Light forced to apologise in April over the use of its seemingly consent-devaluing slogan, ‘The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens’. The brand is now hoping to set things straight with a ‘gender-friendly’ campaign.

  • Carlsberg thinks you're beer body ready Carlsberg thinks you're beer body ready

    "Are you beach body ready?" asked Protein World billboards of London commuters. While some defended the brand's prerogative to use guilt to advertise its weight-loss product, others have condemned the ads as sexist. Carlsberg has now stepped in to lighten the mood with an ad of its own.

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    Clamorous examples of failed rebrands pepper headlines worldwide. Some have prompted highly-subscripted petitions, while others have generated mocking or hostile campaigns by fans. So how can a brand implement a rebrand without losing its fans?