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  • BT Sport is set to broadcast on YouTube
  • BT Sport is set to broadcast on YouTube
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BT Sport is set to broadcast on YouTube

BT is going to make the Champions League and Europa League finals available to stream for free on YouTube. It will be the first time either final has been officially broadcast on the video platform, and could mark a major step in moving sport away from traditional media channels.



  • Rio 2016 will be streamed on Snapchat Rio 2016 will be streamed on Snapchat

    With the Olympics occurring just once every four years, keeping up to date with the media habits of its audience is a lot harder to achieve. As Rio 2016 approaches, the distribution rights of broadcast have been given to Snapchat with the intention of engaging with younger viewers.

  • Article image How data is driving the game and the fans

    The average smartphone owner reaches for their device over 150 times a day, so it’s no surprise that people can’t switch off when watching sport in stadiums or at home. With a breadth of stats and analysis available at the touch of a button, how has technology changed the fan experience?

  • Article image Why we all love live entertainment

    From televised musical spectaculars to streams of explosions on Periscope, live news and entertainment is available in more varied and accessible forms than ever. But in a multi-channel, multiplatform universe, how do you go about finding an audience for what’s happening right now?

  • Article image Periscope: how live-streaming went mobile

    Whether it's Snapchat or PewDiePie – the internet is always spewing out hype-shrouded phenomena, often understood exclusively by Gen Z. The latest is Periscope; one in a slew of apps that let users film live-streamed video from their smartphones. Do we really want to watch someone film a video selfie?