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  • Instagram unveils a new logo
  • Instagram unveils a new logo
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Instagram unveils a new logo

The iconic logo and familiar interface of Instagram has had a dramatic overhaul. The new design is meant to reflect how the app has evolved from initially being a place to upload and edit photos into a hub of various global communities. But the response from users has been mixed.



  • Google could change blue hyperlinks to black Google could change blue hyperlinks to black

    For over 20 years, blue has been visual shorthand for 'click here'. But Google is experimenting on a number of users, replacing the familiar blue with black on selected search results pages. Although the internet is up in arms about it, there could be big bucks to be made from the change.

  • Article image Windows 10: a slow and steady software revolution

    There’s a quiet revolution happening in the desktop OS market. It won’t be splashed across the pages of tech publications or spreads in glossy magazines, but the uptake of Windows 10 is as significant as any glitzy wearable tech device. So what’s got everyone upgrading to Windows 10?

  • Article image How to rebrand without losing fans

    Clamorous examples of failed rebrands pepper headlines worldwide. Some have prompted highly-subscripted petitions, while others have generated mocking or hostile campaigns by fans. So how can a brand implement a rebrand without losing its fans?

  • Facebook logo offers social comfort Facebook logo offers social comfort

    In a hyper-connected world, fending off loneliness is harder than ever, driven by a constant fear of missing out. Studies have claimed that due to this, Facebook makes us feel more lonely - but new research suggests just the logo can actually make people feel more connected.