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  • Burberry joins Snapchat Discover
  • Burberry joins Snapchat Discover
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Burberry joins Snapchat Discover

Having already proven itself a pioneer in high-end digital marketing, Burberry has become the first luxury brand to run its own Discover channel on Snapchat. The move is the latest step in the label's ongoing strategy to engage customers digitally without losing its edge of exclusivity.



  • Article image Snapchat: sending a perfectly timed message

    If you knew that this was the only chance you’d ever get to read this sentence, would you pay closer attention? Snapchat’s ephemeral messages are a more human way of relating digitally, but they offer more than just a carefree share. Their fleeting nature asks us to stop and pay attention.

  • Article image Should luxury brands ‘do social’?

    The luxury goods market is worth €224 billion, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to change, many top-tier brands see no point in fixing something that doesn’t seem broken. But has a conservative approach to brand messaging grown stale? And how does luxury fit into a world of tweets and likes?

  • Snapchat gets behind the scenes with Burberry Snapchat gets behind the scenes with Burberry

    Burberry’s Spring 2016 line has been released to the masses – but only if they’re on Snapchat. The British-born fashion house is giving users exclusive access to behind the scenes photos and videos shot by Mario Testino for just 24 hours. But does Snapchat really say 'luxury'?

  • Burberry launches channel on Apple Music Burberry launches channel on Apple Music

    While fashion houses like Saint Laurent typically opt for techno DJs at shows, Burberry has traditionally taken a more reticent approach, promoting and playing acoustic music from young Brits. Now, the UK fashion house is partnering with Apple to curate a branded channel on Apple Music.