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  • Stopover buddy lets you explore Iceland like a local
  • Stopover buddy lets you explore Iceland like a local
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Stopover buddy lets you explore Iceland like a local

Icelandair's ‘Stopover Buddy’ campaign allows passengers to stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights. During this time, they're paired up with members of the airline's team – their ‘local buddies’ – who give holidaymakers a chance to explore and experience the ‘real’ Iceland.



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    Travellers are turning away from tourist traps and opting to find more authentic experiences in local cultures, with the wealth of information posted by social media users on holiday serving as an invaluable resource. How can countries and companies use these channels to their advantage?

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  • Iceland wants tourists to ask GuĂ°mundur Iceland wants tourists to ask GuĂ°mundur

    Everyone knows that the best way to learn about a new place when visiting is to ask a local. Iceland’s ministry of tourism knows that, too and now it's offering to let people do it via its official information site. In a nod to Iceland's most popular name, now tourists can just ask Guðmundur.