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  • Hello Mamas connects mums with other mothers
  • Hello Mamas connects mums with other mothers
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Hello Mamas connects mums with other mothers

New parenthood can be difficult, with many mums and dads finding themselves cut off from their friends as they stay at home to look after their child. Hello Mamas is a website that allows mums to connect with other mothers in their area in a bid to tackle issues of loneliness and isolation.



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    Fine dining with the kids don’t seem like the perfect pairing. A new dining club is now aiming to introduce toddlers to the world of gastronomy through some of the trendiest eateries in London and New York. But do parents really want to tuck in to oysters and champagne with their toddler in tow?

  • Two in five new parents face mental health issues Two in five new parents face mental health issues

    Everyone knows that preparing to welcome a new baby into the world can be a hectic and stressful experience. But research has found it to be more serious than that; pregnancy can be a time when new mothers and fathers are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues. 

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    Becoming a parent is one of life’s most stressful – albeit cherished – moments. With Brits spending an average of £1,619 to prepare for a baby, some mums are buying on their smartphones at all hours. But how do new mothers really like to shop? And which brands are meeting their needs?

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