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  • Germans struggle with Islamophobia
  • Germans struggle with Islamophobia
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Germans struggle with Islamophobia

Germany welcomed 1.1 million refugees in 2015  over 20 times the number admitted in 2012. But while the government has been vehemently defending its open door policy, new research finds that many citizens feel uneasy about the perceived rising presence of Islam.



  • Fear drives sales of pepper spray in Germany Fear drives sales of pepper spray in Germany

    Sales of pepper spray and air guns have recently surged in Germany, spiking after the Paris terror attacks in November and again after the sex assaults on around 20 women that occurred on New Year's Eve in Cologne. Is this what's driving people to purchase these scare devices?

  • Mein Kampf could return to the German syllabus Mein Kampf could return to the German syllabus

    Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler’s racist and notoriously anti-Semitic book – could soon be returning to German classrooms after a teachers’ organisation called for the work to be added to the syllabus. Bound to cause much turbulence, why are teachers pushing for the book’s return?

  • Article image How German homes are changing shape

    In Berlin, prices for apartments have increased 35% since 2008. Germans are choosing to invest their savings in “Betongold” (cement as gold) and Chinese millionaires are snapping up luxury apartments all over the country. But what’s behind the boom and how has this changed what a German home looks like?

  • Article image How are modern Muslims rewriting stereotypes?

    From the fashionable Mipsterz to the ‘Happy Muslims’, the latest cultural movements in the Islamic world have been well documented across social media. With a global population of approximately 1.57 billion, what are the implications for brands trying to reach modern Muslims?