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  • Mindfulness works as well as antidepressants
  • Mindfulness works as well as antidepressants
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Mindfulness works as well as antidepressants

The global wellness industry is worth $3.4 trillion – that’s three times more than the pharmaceutical industry. And it looks like its status is well-earned; one of the largest ever studies on mindfulness has found that this form of therapy can treat depression as well as some prescription drugs.



  • Article image Feeling good! The science of happiness

    As people increasingly value products that not only prevent ill health, but also promote happier lifestyles, the global wellness industry has grown to be worth $3.4 trillion. Canvas8 spoke with consumer psychologist and brand consultant Dr. Paul Marsden to find out how brands are selling happiness.

  • MNDFL is a mindfulness mall MNDFL is a mindfulness mall

    Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is MNDFL, a centre which its founders have dubbed a ‘meditation university’. Dropping into this upmarket haven – all potted plants and white-washed walls – will set you back a few dollars. But can you put a price on mental well-being?

  • Practice mindfulness using your smartphone Practice mindfulness using your smartphone

    Feeling stressed? Unable to focus? New app PAUSE allows you to try mindfulness on the go by focusing all your senses on continuously moving an amorphous blob of digital ink across your phone screen. The intention is to help users shut out the rest of the world and clear their minds for a while.

  • Article image Why mindfulness went mainstream

    We’re losing focus on the present. We spend 47% of our time thinking about something other than what we’re actually doing. In the UK, US and Australia, fuelled by the desire to slow down and appreciate the moment, mindfulness – which can reduce anxiety by 70% – is now the antidote to busy city lifestyles.