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  • People identify as 'global citizens'
  • People identify as 'global citizens'
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People identify as 'global citizens'

More and more people are identifying as global citizens rather than citizens of the country they live in. Though the idea of global citizenship is something for people to interpret themselves, it's been suggested that recent increases in migration could be driving these changes in attitude.



  • Article image Third Culture Kids: growing up a global nomad

    Where are you from? It’s a seemingly safe question to ask most people, but for Third Culture Kids the answer is not that easy. The discrepancy between where they were born and where they feel they belong is vast. Raised in an assortment of cultures, how do their backgrounds affect who they are?

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    Will crowdfunding sites merge into charitable aid? How will people react to social and environmental crises? And will they continue to favour local? As part of our Expert Outlook 2016 series, we speak to three citizenship experts about the relationships people and brands have with broader society.

  • Article image Is patriotism still big in Japan?

    ‘I’m glad to be Japanese!’ It’s a thought that two-thirds of Japanese people have had. But with nationalism’s long, sordid history in the country, some debate whether it can be taken too far. With a recent spike in patriotism in Japan's popular culture, how is it translating to the rest of the world?

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    What is radical transparency? Has giving become fashionable? How are social networks changing how we care? And how should brands talk about values?