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  • Goldman Sachs offers banking for the masses
  • Goldman Sachs offers banking for the masses
    Leo Hidalgo (2014) ©

Goldman Sachs offers banking for the masses

Online banks are booming, attracting over three times as many new consumers as they did a decade ago. And Goldman Sachs is now cashing in on the action. For years, the bank has been the preserve of the super-rich, but since launching online, it's opening up to the masses.



  • Article image Banco Original: add your bank on Facebook

    Consumer banks are racing to leverage social media and win over younger customers. But with 44% of Gen Yers believing that banks don’t understand them, they’ve had little success. In Brazil, Banco Original – for ‘people who don’t need banks, but need banking’ – is about to show them how it’s done.

  • Article image Bank of Queensland: hanging out with your friendly bank manager

    Visiting your local bank branch feels like a very outdated way of dealing with your money. Bank of Queensland is ditching the teller lines and glass-windowed counters for a look that’s more akin to a coffee shop. Can this initiative help the bank build stronger relationships with its customers?

  • Article image Atom: the digital bank splitting high street competition

    As branches close and an increasing number of consumers use app-based finance services, high street banks are at a crossroads, with online alternatives set to further shake things up. Atom is a digital-only bank with a range of consumer and business accounts, but can it take digital banking nuclear?

  • Article image Which bank services will make you switch?

    With UK consumer confidence increasing, competition among banks is stronger than ever. Austerity has left consumers cautious, while 24/7 banking has given more access and control over personal finance. But what do people want, and how can banks entice them to switch?