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  • DHL t-shirts become a luxury must-have
  • DHL t-shirts become a luxury must-have
    Lodovico W Lindemann (2016) ©

DHL t-shirts become a luxury must-have

Parisian label Vetements has been making waves in the world of fashion as one of its catwalk pieces has become something of a cult item. Following its debut at Paris Fashion Week, the brand's bright yellow DHL t-shirt sold out in weeks, but why is it such a luxury must-have?



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    Are you a 20-something with commitment issues? A 40-something on a skateboard? Or a 70-something that feels overlooked? If you haven’t had an identity crisis, you haven’t lived. By understanding people at different times in life, we can design products that add pleasure or alleviate their pain.

  • The logo is making a comeback The logo is making a comeback

    Following the hyper-branded noughties, logo fatigue has set the mood for luxury in recent years as one of subtle, stealth indulgence and anonymous branding. But fashion is nothing if not cyclical, and signs of the logo’s return are beginning to reappear on the catwalk.

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    While many brands thrive on the traditional notion of being personable and attainable, others flourish by being 'faceless'. But from Maison Martin Margiela’s undisclosed designers to Muji’s minimalist homeware, how are these anonymous brands faring in the age of the overshare?

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    As luxury brands adapt to online, maintaining exclusivity is difficult. On UK online outlet Not Just a Label, people trade big names for one-off garments, buying into a subtler form of luxury. But how does it convince people to spend so much on labels they've never heard of?