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  • Boxed-up romance delivered on a monthly basis
  • Boxed-up romance delivered on a monthly basis
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Boxed-up romance delivered on a monthly basis

Candles, jewellery and vouchers for new restaurants – Better Boyfriend is a brand that helps you spoil that special someone. The subscription service sends monthly care packages filled with goodies that make setting up a date or spoiling your partner a process that's effort-free. 



  • Article image Spring is Weird: a love story made for Instagram

    To promote its new Spring collection, Gap has created a three minute love story for Instagram. A new 15-second episode is released weekly until the launch of its upcoming line. But do Gen Y and Z really prefer short and snappy content? And who wants to watch an ad from Gap on Instagram? 

  • Love is big business in the US Love is big business in the US

    Saying “I love you” costs nothing. But for Valentines day 2015, Americans are set to spend $18.9 billion on flowers and fancy dinners anyway. And we’re not just buying presents for our significant others anymore; teachers, friends and pets are getting showered with love and chocolates too.

  • Article image Kiiroo: getting intimate with social media

    If social media can help improve our social and work lives, why not our intimate lives too? Combining social media with real-life hardware, Kiiroo offers people the chance to actually touch their partner online – making virtual sex very, very real.

  • Virtual Boyfriend Virtual Boyfriend

    Wet Productions has introduced the 'My Virtual Boyfriend' app to save you from the horrors of dating. Users can find their 'match' by choosing and customising a guy.  Luckily, you can also swap him for a better one. If only you could do that in the real world.