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  • Sensacionalista keeps Brazil laughing during tough times
  • Sensacionalista keeps Brazil laughing during tough times
    Emanuele Spies (2015) ©

Sensacionalista keeps Brazil laughing during tough times

With Facebook feeds full of aggressive political messages, streets filling with protests, and a troubled economy that's on the decline, it would seem Brazil has little to laugh about. But satirical news site Sensacionalista is offering people an emotional release with pieces that really 'get' Brazil.



  • Article image The Flama: BuzzFeed for Latino Gen Yers

    A new generation of Latino Gen Yers want lifestyle content that reflects who they are and how they live. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is now looking to provide them with exactly that, launching The Flama to empower the Hispanic community and challenge cultural stereotypes.

  • Article image The New Day: updating the tabloid for the digital age

    Media pundits have been calling print a dead format for years. So why has Trinity Mirror decided to launch a newspaper without a website? The New Day combines the best of online and offline worlds, catering to readers who are tired of biased, negative news. But will going against the grain pay off?

  • Gossip is good for you Gossip is good for you

    While at times gossiping might feel a little underhanded, research shows that hushed hearsay is in fact good for your health. According to Robin Dunbar, professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University, gossip is what makes us human. But could it really help us live longer?

  • Article image The Onion Labs: getting paid by brands to ridicule them

    It may have once satirised branded content – “oh, awesome, a sponsored post by a snack food company on my favorite media website” – but with the creation of an in-house advertising agency, The Onion will now cater to marketers with native videos and articles. Why would any brand pay to be ridiculed?