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  • Brits feel too unfit to join a gym
  • Brits feel too unfit to join a gym
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Brits feel too unfit to join a gym

If running for the bus leaves you wheezing and breathless, you’re not alone – a fifth of Brits can’t run more than 100 metres. More than a quarter are overweight and 80% don’t exercise enough. And new research reveals a worrying paradox – many Brits don’t feel they’re fit enough to exercise.



  • Article image Is dieting really dead?

    The way people lose weight is changing. Out are the cardboard-tasting diet foods, awkward meet-ups and communal weight shaming, in are the whole foods, digital apps and sexy workout gear. But is dieting really dead? And how are consumer attitudes towards wellness changing?

  • More women are rolling out yoga mats at home More women are rolling out yoga mats at home

    Not sure you’re getting your downward dog right? Scared your crane pose is a little wonky? What if you’re getting the shoulder stand all wrong? Yoga is rife with questions like these for beginners, so perhaps it’s no surprise that more and more yogis-in-training are easing into it from home. 

  • Article image Why aren’t more girls playing sports?

    In the UK, 29% of girls are overweight. In the US, 36% of black girls, 37% of Hispanic girls and 29% of white girls are overweight or obese. But why are the numbers so high? How can girls be taught healthy attitudes, and encouraged to try sport from their first day at school?

  • Article image What's so bad about feeling sexy while you sweat?

    Women's fitness and wellness is an increasingly sexualised industry, characterised by an obsession with an enhanced physical appearance. But how do real women feel about the sexualisation of wellness? Could the allure of feeling sexy encourage more women to work out?