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  • Easter eggs are shrinking in Brazil
  • Easter eggs are shrinking in Brazil
    Prefeitura Municipal Itanhaém (2013) ©

Easter eggs are shrinking in Brazil

Easter eggs are a big deal in Brazil. Huge and extravagant, approximately 95 million eggs will be sold nationwide in 2016. But how are sales withstanding the economic crisis? Eggs are actually shrinking in size to ensure people can still give their loved ones a chocolatey gift.



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    Following in the artisanal footsteps of wine, cheese and coffee, San Francisco-based Dandelion Chocolate is at the forefront of the bean-to-bar movement, revolutionising the way the confectionery is made and sold. Are we set to see ‘vineyards’ for chocolate in the next few years?

  • Article image Los Paleteros: fancy ice lollies for Brazil's foodies

    When thinking about gourmet grub, ice lollies might not immediately spring to mind. But with each ‘paleta’ from Los Paleteros almost twice the size (and price) of a traditional lolly, fancy ice cream on a stick has become a hit in Brazil. Why are people willing to splash out on posh popsicles?

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    The first South American Michelin Guide highlights 17 restaurants based in Brazil, putting the country's cuisine squarely on the map. From food truck festivals to gourmet burgers with a South American twist, the new Brazilian flavour goes far beyond beans and rice. So what’s getting served up?

  • Article image Is this the end of Brazil’s luxury bonanza?

    New shopping malls and a young population with sophisticated shopping tastes are helping make Brazil one of the world's most profitable luxury markets. But the recent economic downturn means optimism is ebbing. Does a gloomy economic outlook spell the end of Brazil’s luxury bonanza?