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  • OKgrl is a ‘Tumblr couture’ teen mag
  • OKgrl is a ‘Tumblr couture’ teen mag
    OKgrl (2016) ©

OKgrl is a ‘Tumblr couture’ teen mag

Bip Ling flips Bip Burgers against a pastel-coloured sky. Instagram star Charlie Barker models coloured contact lenses in a parody ad. Popstar LIZ is papped, noughties-style. These are the cool girls of OKgrl, a magazine celebrating the world of post-internet art, pop and fashion.



  • Article image Milk: quick cosmetics for cool girls

    In a rush? No make-up brush? No worries. Milk understands the way young women think about and use beauty products. Sold as ‘high concept, low maintenance’, it's inspired by and designed for creative, cool girls – providing mascara that’ll stay on all weekend and lipstick that’s actually kiss-proof.

  • Teaching girl power and creativity online Teaching girl power and creativity online

    44% of women believe their gender has hindered their career, and lack of confidence has been said to be a big factor in gender inequality. School of Doodle is a website where Arianna Huffington, Marina Abramovic, Courtney Love and others teach girls how to 'be loud.'

  • Article image Simple: the wonder of the useless web

    From apps to art, there’s a growing focus on clarity and dynamism. Abstract and beautifully simplistic, this new aesthetic has the power to reach outside the screen and into our minds.

  • Article image Rookie: how girl talk leads to girl power

    Embracing '90s indie pre-digital culture, Rookie is an online magazine for younger Millennials. Created by Tavi Gevinson at age 15, the magazine reworks the tone of mainstream media.