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  • Grown-up Potterheads are driving book sales
  • Grown-up Potterheads are driving book sales
    Garry Knight (2013) ©

Grown-up Potterheads are driving book sales

Raised on a diet of mystery, magic and suspense, yesterday’s Harry Potter fans have grown up to become today’s enthusiastic book buyers. And according to data from Nielsen, they’re driving a renaissance in sales of ‘grip lit’ fast-paced page-turners and hard-boiled thrillers.



  • A UK newspaper has launched for the first time in 30 years A UK newspaper has launched for the first time in 30 years

    Print is dead – right? That tends to be the received wisdom when considering the future of the news industry. But where some see defeat, others spy an opportunity – and for The New Day, which is a brand new UK daily, it’s not the medium that’s broken, it’s the message.

  • Article image Art-thérapie: colouring books that help adults unwind

    Stressed out by mortgages, childcare and mountains of laundry, an increasing number of adults are turning to colouring books to unwind. With studies suggesting that even brief periods of art-making can reduce levels of anxiety, could this childhood pastime provide better relief than yoga?

  • Article image Guardian Midland Goods Shed: experience a newspaper in 3D

    With newspaper sales continuing to fall, the news industry is facing a crisis. How do you sell the news if everyone expects it for free? Can The Guardian sell the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’ through workshops, lectures and coffee? And where is its place in the digital revolution?

  • Article image BookTubers: the internet brings teens back to books

    Generally, e-reading simply involves tablets and e-books – but a new relationship is developing where literature and online virality are intertwined. Booktubers are broadcasting their favourite reads to thousands of fans. But how has YouTube become a home to bookworms?