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  • Japan hires ninjas to promote ‘warlord tourism’
  • Japan hires ninjas to promote ‘warlord tourism’
    Ian McBurnie (2007) ©

Japan hires ninjas to promote ‘warlord tourism’

Espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination have long been part of a ninja’s job description, and now entertainment is, too. Japan is hiring full-time ninjas, embracing historical roots to fuel the country’s booming tourist trade, which is set to grow leading up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.



  • Japan offers a smart travel card for tourists Japan offers a smart travel card for tourists

    A new smart train pass in Japan's Kansai region allows owners to use it on a variety of operators and gives them access to special deals and discounts at tourist attractions and shops. But it’s only available to foreign tourists. What does a card that's only available to visitors offer Japan?

  • Article image Why Japan wants to offer the world selfless hospitality

    Omotenashi – which roughly translates as ‘selfless hospitality’ – is a complex concept; one the Japanese pride themselves on. As the 2020 Olympics approach, Japan is preparing to serve it up on a mass scale, turning to robots for help. But are androids advanced enough to emulate such a human service?

  • Article image Is patriotism still big in Japan?

    ‘I’m glad to be Japanese!’ It’s a thought that two-thirds of Japanese people have had. But with nationalism’s long, sordid history in the country, some debate whether it can be taken too far. With a recent spike in patriotism in Japan's popular culture, how is it translating to the rest of the world?

  • Article image Why Japan is cleaning up its countryside

    Japan is experiencing a tourism boom. But its struggling countryside is absent from most itineraries, with limited access for foreign visitors and areas marred by runaway development. Could spreading the word about Japan’s rural charm bring tourists and locals back to its dying towns?