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  • Greggs' gamble on healthy food is paying off
  • Greggs' gamble on healthy food is paying off
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Greggs' gamble on healthy food is paying off

If you think pasty lovers and salad fanatics cannot be catered to by the same retailer, think again. Since Greggs broadened its appeal beyond sausage rolls and jam doughnuts to include pasta salads, soups and other healthier alternatives, it’s since seen a rise in profits.



  • Article image Hungryroot: courgetti delivered to your door

    Whether in supermarkets or at cafés, it’s impossible to ignore the modern obsession with healthy eating. But with such little free time, cooking low-cal comfort food from scratch isn’t always possible. Enter Hungryroot, a US-based delivery service that brings bowls of courgetti straight to your door.

  • UK restaurant chains are too basic UK restaurant chains are too basic

    What’s the UK’s favourite high street restaurant chain? Nandos? Pizza Express? Zizzi? While they all rank highly as Brits' go-to places for affordable eats, a survey of 2,000 diners has found that 62% consider the food available on high streets to be ‘far too basic.’

  • Article image Lifesum Green: a health juice blended with big data

    The green juice craze has taken off in recent years, earning endorsements from celebrities and wellness gurus alike. But does the hype match the health benefits? Health app Lifesum hopes to prove it can – it's used big data from 30,000 users to blend a juice tailored specifically to Londoners.

  • Article image Who eats raw?

    The raw food movement isn't clear-cut; some are keen to keep it simple, others want to elevate it to gourmet grub. But with an abundance of products labelled raw in health food stores, has ‘raw’ become a label in itself? Who are these raw foodies and why do they prefer their food uncooked?