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  • Organic health and beauty products boom in the UK
  • Organic health and beauty products boom in the UK
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Organic health and beauty products boom in the UK

Increasingly urbanised locations mean increasingly toxic environments for our skin. In the UK, more and more people are going organic in response. Combined with the renewed interest in wellness, sales of organic health and beauty products in Britain were up 21.6% over 2015.



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    Dr. Organic Snail Gel: beauty with the ‘ewww’ factor

    The sight of a snail is often met with disgust, with many considering the slimy-skinned molluscs to be pretty gross. So imagine putting some on your face and letting them roam around. Disgusting? Mad? It’s actually a new beauty treatment gaining supporters across the UK.

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    2016 Expert Outlook on health and beauty

    How can the beauty world better cater to older women and men? Will social media ‘it girls’ continue maintain their influence over consumers? And are niche brands set to break into the mainstream? Three health and beauty experts give their views on where the sector is heading over the next year.

  • Organic brands offer more than health benefits

    Organic brands offer more than health benefits

    From local produce to lip-gloss, consumers are looking for organic options everywhere. We know that Gen Y are obsessed with health, but what else is causing sales of organic products in all categories to soar? And what can others learn from the success of organic brands?

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    Mother Dirt: rethinking the meaning of clean

    Science has long been used by cosmetics brands to assert themselves as authorities on beauty and well-being. But consumers are shrewder than ever. Mother Dirt is different; it's the brainchild of a scientist. But can beauty buffs get to grips with cosmetics containing live bacteria?