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  • Students are shunning union bars for coffee shops
  • Students are shunning union bars for coffee shops
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Students are shunning union bars for coffee shops

They drink less, smoke less and are focused on their future prospects. Gen Z are more sensible than their Gen Y elders, and as they enter university, the student lifestyle is changing. Student Unions no longer centre around cheap beer, but are social hubs for coffee and academic clubs.



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    Juggling studying and debt is an increasing challenge for college students in the US, but Luvo is offering a way to alleviate their burden. Its website makes selling notes to classmates easy and profitable, but why have these jottings suddenly turned into veritable gold dust?

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    From the mind-enhancing drug in the 2011 movie Limitless to doubt-ridding pills in the 2006 novel Indecision, ‘smart drugs’ usually occupy the realms of fiction. But can science produce a real life equivalent? Research from Oxford and Harvard suggests modafinil could be the answer.

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    From Coasties to K-Poppers, the US is home to a range of teen subcultures. In the third of a series exploring Gen Z and Gen Y tribes, Andrea Graham Richeson delves into the overscheduled world of Alpha Achievers. Do these ambitious teens embody the model student and future star employee?

  • Article image Are Generation Z just a bunch of squares?

    They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and they want nothing more than to own a house and start a business. The kids of Generation Z may not even be 20 yet, but they've already earned a reputation as a bunch of squares. But are these digital natives really born to be mild?