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  • Young women are taking up smoking in the UK
  • Young women are taking up smoking in the UK
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Young women are taking up smoking in the UK

We all know that smoking is bad for us – extensive efforts to improve the health of people in the UK has seen smoking rates fall dramatically, as more people kick the habit. But this decrease may be coming to a halt – young women are taking up the habit again.



  • Article image Men’s Health Forum: making blokes more health-savvy

    Men’s health is in bad shape. Despite being more likely to smoke, drink and be overweight, men are less likely to visit a GP, with a third embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues. Can more accessible services from the Men's Health Forum encourage blokes to take better care of themselves?

  • Article image The psychology of quitting

    From nicotine gum to e-cigarettes, the global smoking cessation-aid market was worth around $2.4 billion in 2011, and as healthcare costs soar and more people seek to give up, its value is set to grow. But when it comes to kicking the habit, what will get people to quit – the carrot or the stick?

  • Beijing launches public smoking ban Beijing launches public smoking ban

    Nearly a third of the world’s smokers live in China – that's around 350 million people puffing on cigarettes. But that could be about to change. A ban on public smoking has been enacted in Beijing, which will see smoking outlawed in places including restaurants, offices and schools.

  • Fewer adults smoking Fewer adults smoking

    The proportion of adults who smoke cigarettes has fallen significantly over the last four decades. In 1974, 45% of the population aged 16 and older were cigarette smokers compared with 20% in 2011, according to data from the General Lifestyle Survey.