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  • Australians respond well to ads on TV
  • Australians respond well to ads on TV
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Australians respond well to ads on TV

It often seems that digital is the future of advertising. But how do audiences feel about these platforms? Recent research has found that television adverts are actually the most likely to influence people to take action, suggesting that traditional media still hold some power.



  • Aussie travellers rely on radio Aussie travellers rely on radio

    Aussies like to travel. In 2015, 4.6 million Australians aged 14 and over travelled overseas. And while access to the internet and comfy beds are important, research from a report by Nielsen and Commercial Radio Australia found that over 70% of Australian travellers listen to commercial radio weekly.

  • Article image What's the point of billboards?

    In a splintered media landscape – where we’re flitting from device to device, bombarded by 360 ads a day – Out of Home advertising remains a constant. After all, you can’t skip a billboard. But that doesn’t mean people like them, either. So what does the future hold for the billboard?

  • Article image How the internet is changing the television industry

    With on-demand services thriving and viewer numbers falling, is the golden age of TV over? Canvas8 spoke with Alan Wolk, author of Over the top: How the internet is slowly (but surely) changing the television industry, about how TV will adapt and whether the traditional ad model will survive.

  • Article image Are we all turning our TVs off for good?

    We've never been so interested in TV shows - but we aren't watching TV. Instead, we're turning to online video - whether it's Netflix or YouTube. But new technology isn't solely responsible – a wider shift in lifestyles is creating a natural path towards hyper-diversification.